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Meadowsweet Farming

Grass Fed Flat Iron Steak (Frozen)

Grass Fed Flat Iron Steak (Frozen)

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Our flat iron steaks are cut thick and have a deep flavour. They have a fine marbling of fat throughout the grain of the meat which melts on cooking to add extra flavour.

Pack of 1 sharing steak weighing approximately 500g. 

Tasty nutrient-dense high-welfare beef from our small herd of native breed cattle who are lovingly raised by us on grassy meadows 8 miles away from Frome. Our beef is hung on the bone for a minimum of 21 days and butchered by the award winning Blackmore Vale Butchery. 


* Please note that all weights are approximate and we standardise our prices for online pre-sales, since each cut will vary slightly in weight.

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