• "This is consistently the best beef I’ve had for years and I’m very happy to be supporting your business!"


    Andrew May

  • "We absolutely love your beef, need a bigger freezer..."


    Bridie Nelson

  • "The best beef I’ve ever tasted. Plus it’s good to know I’m doing my bit for the environment whilst eating Meadowsweet beef!"


    Dr Chanrai

Increasing biodiversity

Increasing the diversity of species growing in the pastures is a key goal here. We have been reseeding fields with herbs, wildflowers and legumes.

This will improve the nutrition of the cattle's diet and create more habitats for invertebrates, birds and mammals.

Regenerative farming methods

Through practising a special pattern of regenerative grazing, called Holistic Planned Grazing or mob grazing, we are increasing soil health and sward diversity, aiming to leave the land in a better state for future generations. 

By moving the herd daily and leaving the land to rest for long periods, we're attempting to mimic the natural grazing pattern of a herd of wild herbivores.

High animal welfare

Living and working with the cattle is a bit like having a large extended family! Their health and well being is our number one concern.

Our small-scale regenerative farming system means their lives are very low stress and they rarely develop health issues.

Never any chemicals

We never use any artificial inputs (fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides) on the land and rely on natural processes and cycles of fertility. E.g. earth worms and compost.

We do not hold any 'organic' or 'pasture-fed' certifications to prove this but we always welcome customers to 'self certify' us by coming to visit the farm.