Our Story

In 2020 Hannah started up Meadowsweet Farming Co at Holt Farm together with two friends, approximately 8 miles from Frome. Her mission is to produce healthy and nutrient dense food products using farming methods that regenerate the soil life and improve the diversity of plants and wildlife on the land.

Hannah is young tenant farmer, originally from North Yorkshire, who has started farming from scratch, using her savings from previous jobs to buy the initial herd (26 head). Her rare breed Shetland cattle and other native breeds herd is currently approximately 43 cattle, including all ages.

Through using a special pattern of grazing, called Holistic Planned Grazing or mob grazing, she is working towards transforming the depleted fields into healthy and biodiverse grassland ecosystems, aiming to leave the land in a better ecological state for future generations.

With just a small herd and being very passionate about providing nutrient dense food for the local community, Hannah decided that selling directly to customers was the way to go. This means doing everything from looking after the herd daily, right up to delivering the beef to your doorsteps! Being a new entrant farmer, and by no means an expert at any stage of the process, she is having to learn a lot on the way.