The Farmers

Would you like to have access to high quality food products from a local farmer, who goes the extra mile to farm in harmony with nature and who is treating their animals with the utmost care?

Before I started farming, I worked a 9 to 5 office job. I struggled to find meat and dairy that I could really trust were produced in an environmentally sound and high animal welfare way. This is the reason I started farming! 

My passion is working with farm animals to produce nutritious food using farming methods that regenerate the soil life and improve the diversity of plants and wildlife on the land. 

Is this even possible?

Let’s be hopeful! As a child I was lucky enough to live on a regenerative organic farm in North Yorkshire, so I’ve seen first hand that farming can be a win-win-win for nature, farm animals and food quality.

Together with two friends, approximately 8 miles from Frome, we started up Meadowsweet Farming Co in 2020, using our savings from previous jobs to buy the initial herd (26 head). Read more about the herd here.